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Canada Research is an ever growing Canadian media company that specializes in market research and marketing strategy. Our customers are our priority, and we work closely with each one to discover their needs and develop an insightful and meaningful market understanding. By approaching each project with this attitude, we aim to develop long-term relationships that allow our customers to win and maintain their land-grab.


Our expert team works closely with each of our customers to develop this initial, mutual understanding of your need. From there, we utilise both established methods and pioneering new techniques to uncover market and insights that benefit the long term growth of your brand.

Meet the team

Our multidisciplinary team of business-experts, marketers, psychologists and researchers are fully equipped to tackle your business needs, using a blend of insightful experience and modern market-research techniques. Using our pillars of efficiency, excellence and innovation, we strive to develop solutions that harness accurate market analysis to drive positive business outcomes that thoughtfully engage your customer base.

Satisfied Customers

Canada Research is proud to place it’s customers satisfaction as one of it’s premier responsibilities. From our core values of efficiency, excellence and innovation we are able deriving the maximum value from these in executing a business plan, we can assure that your satisfaction is delivered upon.

We hope that in this derived value, a lasting partnership can flourish, as we continue to iterate upon the proposed outcomes, in an ever more dynamic and exciting marketplace.

We continue to strictly adhere to MRSA code of conduct, as a commitment to assuring our customers that their best interests are at heart.

Best research practice

Canada Research team of directors oversee all projects to their completion. This continues to be a cornerstone of our work, along with maintaining healthy, quality relationships with each client, with the intent of finding the best solutions to the client need. Depending on the customer, solutions can be as customised and rigorous as required, in order to facilitate the most accurate reporting possible, and the most constructive outcomes.

Canada Research has been awarded accreditation from the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals, as a standing commitment to our customers, ensuring the continued ethical high standard of all work conducted by the organization, by all employees, to an international standard.

Our team of specialised research professionals is able to conduct their work in all environments; from home visits to street surveys, and receive regular training to keep Canada Research at the forefront of International Market Research practice.