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Research for Consumer by Canada Research

We help brand owners develop, monitor and refine an effective advertising campaign and build engaging marketing communications. Using the data from both quantitative and qualitative methods, we provide clients with insights to target specific market niches. Advertising services include :
  • Media evaluation studies
  • Brand advertising tracking studies
  • Pre-testing for example films
  • Brand and advertising tracking studies

Canadian Research has developed an application which, using facial tracking technology, is able to evaluate the emotional impact of advertising. This has been achieved using the presence of advertising experts and psychologists who can evaluate the impact of a specific approach. For the development process, focus groups help refine communications for consumption in the real world whilst pre-testing methods such as films and animatics assist companies to optimize their advertising.

Brand advertising

We serve a wide range of brand owners, from start-ups to multinationals, to improve their competitive advantage by helping them understand branding strategies that can be developed and used to engage their consumers.

Brand research services include:  
  • Brand proposition and positioning development
  • Brand immersion days
  • Brand name testing
  • Brand tracking research
  • Brand advertising and media evaluation

Concept and product tests

We offer a wide range of consumer research techniques with experience in food and drink. This includes fresh produce and frozen products and other FMCGs. Our concept expertise lies in the technology, financial and travel services. Additionally, our testing incorporates new technologies that identify emotional decision making within short periods of time.

Our Focus:
    • How quickly consumers can grasp the product idea and consequently its appeal. 
    • How memorable and interesting the product is.
    • Likelihood of the product being purchased.
    • Competitive advantage.


Our product testing techniques examine the competitive landscape and advise according to customer needs by assessing rational and emotional reactions to the service. Additionally, advanced market research techniques allow us to predict potential demand of products with confidence.

Our product testing and development research services include:

  • Multi-country product testing
  • In home placement
  • Concept testing & optimization
  • Pack testing
  • Market segmentation
  • Research with families & children
  • Consumer language development
  • Multi-country product testing
  • In home placement
  • Concept testing & optimization
  • Pack testing
  • Market segmentation
  • Research with families & children
  • Consumer language development

Customer Satisfaction

A recent survey shows that many companies lose at least 45% of their customer base every 5 years. However, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by a margin of over 85%. Consequently, understanding how a customer feels can improve the growth of an organization. With this in mind, our focus customer satisfaction helps companies track their performance and barriers to retention. Some of our strategies include:
  • Improving customer relationship
  • Measuring customer retention
  • Increasing net promoter score
  • Reducing costs
  • Identifying ways to increase employee production
Irrespective of the field in which an organization operates, our continuous research is designed to help our clients understand their customers attitudes and experiences through exploration and measurement surveys.

Innovation research

Canada Research is a leader in innovation, and is able to cross cut all sorts of indu. Ideas are born systematically from understanding people and cultural influences which determines their choice of specific goods. This enhances a powerful combination of insight and strategy. We believe that innovative ideas solve problems and create a competitive advantage. This involves a combination of research methods such as interviews and online surveys. Some of our research innovation services include:
    • Concept testing 
    • Product usability and testing
    • Pricing research
    • Idea generation
    • Packaging and design

International market research

Technology is the major motivator to an enhanced global trade. As a result, more companies are appreciating the international market. With a proven track record our advice improves the likelihood of business success overseas. This includes a comprehensive strategy to reduce and mitigate challenges such as market entry barriers. We have experience across all industries from information technology to manufacturing.

Packaging research

Packaging is a powerful tool at the point of purchase. Visibility and recognition is key to achieving a good return on investment when it comes to finding high performing packaging. Along with the neuromarketing research technique, our packaging and research tools helps our clients understand how their consumers identify with their products. Packaging design and labeling are our pillars.

Our testing approach is based on emotion packaging and simulates real time shopping experience by asking customers to select products from a virtual shelf under time-pressured conditions, and recording outcomes, as well as using eye-tracking technology to study search patterns, and identify the most attractive packaging features. With this information we can help our client take the right steps to improve on design.

  • Health checks – guides in redesigning to maximize sales
  • Screening – New pack structures and graphic designs
  • Full pack testing – Optimizes and validates pack designs
  • Pack development – Uncovers opportunities in innovation

Market segmentation

A key marketing strategy lies in the ability of a company to identify a niche in which they can capitalize. Therefore, our specialty in customer segmentation techniques helps our clients to devise strategies to position themselves to get higher returns, according to long standing research methods. In return, an organization bears the capability to target and attract right customers to improve profitability.

Segmentation is a process of grouping customers with similar characteristics with the aim of predicting common traits in each category. Mostly, such studies are based on usage and attitudes. At its basic level motivators of segmentation include: demographics such as age, social class and gender. However, psychographics and behaviors contribute further.

Our segmentation techniques use both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to identify the major motivators to certain attitudes of consumers towards specific goods and products.