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Qualitative and Quantitative

Using a blend of both qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct our research has proven to produce productive insights. Measured information gathering methods such as surveys conducted face-to-face, on the phone and online can result in some great short term actionable data. Combining this data with observed results from monitored bulletin boards, focus groups and diaries produces even more tangible outcomes, from which solutions can be extrapolated and defined.

Neuromarketing Research

Canada Research has partnered with industry leaders in psychological analysis and research. We continuously explore how we can apply data from this field to further enhance our ability to uncover niches that can be exploited across all markets. Our team believes that the decision to purchase goods relies predominantly on intuition, feeling and vision.

Our methods used to analyse responses to certain triggers involve the following:

  • Eye tracking
  • Visual attention analysis
  • Implicit reaction time testing
  • Brain activity measured by ERP/EEG’s
  • Facial emotion analysis

Specialist tools

We constantly explore new methods of data collection and analysis, which can be discussed in meetings with our consultant experts.